What is Xkeduler

It's a social network whose content is based on the appointments you record on your Xkeduler calendar.

The calendar is comprehensive and sophisticated. - Allows you to save appointments as confirmed or pending confirmation.
- Allows you to record appointments with daily, weekly, monthly or yearly recurrence.
- Allows you to register where the appointment will occur, with direct access to Google Maps.

Xkeduler also lets you record your appointments:
- Personal : Only you have access.
- Public : Visible to Xkeduler users.
In this case you can find any Xkeduler user and view their public appointments and can copy them into your calendar. If this user changes or deletes the appointment you copied to your calendar, it will automatically be changed or deleted in your calendar.
- Private : Visible only to you or for example to family and friends.
- Professional : Visible only to you or by vendors, customers, and your workforce.
To share private or professional appointments you must create your own networks by inviting Xkeduler users to join.

You can invite up to 10 people to each private or professional network, but you can belong to unlimited networks.

When recording an private or professional appointment, choose whether you want the appointment to be seen only by you or copied to one or more people on each network.

The appointment copied in the calendar of people in your network will be prominently viewed by them, but cannot be changed by them, only deleted.

If you change or delete an appointment that has been distributed, the change will automatically be reflected in the other calendars.

Xkeduler is free, but you'll see advertising on some pages.

Xkeduler can be used on any device. It is perfectly adapted to desktops or mobile phones.

You may see advertisements related to the appointments you record in your calendar, but no advertiser will have access to your data.

No information about Xkeduler users will be shared with third parties .

Know the terms of use of Xkeduler by clicking (Here).

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