Xkeduler terms, conditions of use and privacy.

1. Xkeduler is designed for personal use and is the intellectual property of Solarys Soluções Digitais Ltda, or simply Solarys, based in Brazil.
2. To use the service proposed by Xkeduler you must register by creating a user account. To be allowed to use Xkeduler, you must explicitly agree to and accept the terms described in this document. Failure to comply with any of these conditions may result in sanctions ranging from written censorship, temporary suspension or even deletion of the account.
3. Having permission to use, gives you no rights whatsoever to Xkeduler, its software, its scripts or rights to the developer company.
4. All texts entered by the user should under no circumstances violate laws and / or regulations in force in the place where they were inserted.
       - Xkeduler reserves the right to track entered text to ensure that no illegal act is being committed by the user.
       - Solarys works closely with local authorities in each city, state, or country and can provide this data and information to help protect laws, people, and objects.
       - Tracking activities and texts on Xkeduler is performed by software and people, indexing texts and IPs and using cookies placed on user's machines.
5. Any information entered by a user is the property of the user who may at any time make a copy, change his profile or delete his user account. All text and personal information entered by the user will be kept confidential, except when the user by his or her own action distributes the content to third parties or allows other users to copy these texts.
However, all text entered in Xkeduler is confidential if the user determines when to enter it in Xkeduler in a personal, private or professional manner.
6. Xkeduler is used for free by the user, but allows advertisements to be displayed by advertisers who remunerate Solarys ensuring the financial and profitability of this software.
       - Advertisers do not have access to any individual user data, but from content through keywords so that they can display advertisements that are best suited to each user.
7. Xkeduler works with partner companies to pass on these only software usage statistics or advertiser access metrics, preserving each user's individual data.
8. Solarys, specifically Xkeduler, its suppliers, partners or advertisers are not responsible for any loss of profit or data, financial loss or indirect damage of each user that is not foreseeable.
9. If Xkeduler is used by a legal entity (company) or public agency, you must accept these terms and undertake to exempt Xkeduler, its employees, its partners, suppliers and advertisers from any claims, labor lawsuits, legal actions, costs. and attorney's fees.
10. Xkeduler is constantly updated and automatically presented to the user when accessing the software. These updates are intended for the most appropriate use, experience enhancement, and technology upgrade.
11. Xkeduler allows itself to update this term in such form and frequency as it deems appropriate, without prior notice to users.

São Paulo, January, 2020.